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What do the Five Elements have to do with Acupuncture?

Five Element Acupuncture is a complete medical system that originates from the Taoist Science of the relationship between humans and nature, developed over 3000 years ago. It might be called "A Feng Shui of the Person". It is designed to transform illness through the body's own step-wise process of healing. This process can be seen as an unfolding, opposite to the path that went into creating illness.

How Does Five Element Acupuncture Differ from Other Forms of Medicine?

Five Element Acupuncture focuses on the cause of illness, not simply the symptoms. Each of us has one particular organ system where the energy has broken down early in life, leaving a predisposition for other illnesses later in life. Treating this original weakness or cause, called the Causative Factor or CF, is the way to your successful and sustainable treatment with acupuncture. In doing so, all of the organ systems become equally strong again and able to address their respective symptomatic issues.

How Does Five Element Acupuncture Create Wellness?

Five Element Acupuncture provides a continued sense of good health and systemic growth that is altogether healing, preventative, and transformative. This is accomplished by:

  • Maintaining a clear avenue, free from barriers to cure,
  • Providing support of all 12 organ systems by balancing their energies and treating the CF, or Causative Factor,
  • Activating the special physical, mental and spirit level qualities contained within the acupoints throughout the body.